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Exciting, novel approaches to insect protein products  
coming soon.

Our Canadian-based company has re-thought the basis of  
insect protein products. We hope to get around the "EW!"-
factor and bring mass-market products to a table near you.

For too long, insect protein consumption in the developed  
world has been something for the purists. Whilst we  
recognise the benefits of entomaphagy, attitudes among the  
majority of Western diners are not generally ready for that at  
this time.

Inspro is looking to distribute, produce and market products  
which bring the benefits of insect proteins to an uncertain  
market: to develop products which look and feel familiar.

Insects have been eaten around the world for millenia. The  
FAO report into food security stressed the benefits of  
insects as a reliable, low-carbon, mass-consumption protein  

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Inspro Foods Launched
June 2014 saw the launch of  
Inspro Foods Inc. An  
innovative company dedicated  
to promoting the healthy,  
nutritious benefits of insect  
protein products.
Inspro Funding
February 2014 saw the  
finalisation of a funding  
agreement which will get  
Inspro Foods up and running.

MM II Ltd, a UK based  
investment company, is  
putting up the initial capital  
and appointing key staff.  

Soon, we hope to begin work  
on our exciting, nutritious  
insect protein-based products.
Inspro Foods News
Inspro Foods Inc. continues to  
grow. Our team are close to  
securing deals with partners in  
Europe and Canada with a  
view to bringing insect-protein  
products direct to the